How long does the free demo last?

The trial period is 30 days.

Can my demo site be seen by people online?

Your demo site is available on the subdomain you selected during registration and can seen by anyone. When you upgrade to paid hosting you will be able to set a real domain that the site will use.

Can I use templates or extensions during the trial period?

Yes, you can install any templates or extensions you'd like to try during the demo period.

I didn't get my welcome email. Help!

Log in to the account manager and you can see a full history of the emails that have been sent to you. If you're still unable to get in please contact us.

If I mess up my site can you help get it back?

Yes, just open a ticket and our staff will be happy to restore a backup for you. If you upgrade to paid hosting you'll have direct access to our continuous data protection backups.

What hosting company powers these trial sites?

All trial sites are powered by BuyHTTP. BuyHTTP was the first company in the world to specialize in support for the Mambo CMS, which was forked to become Joomla. No one has been doing Joomla hosting longer.

How can I learn how to use Joomla?

The Joomla forum is the best place to learn about all things Joomla. There are thousands of active users all interested in helping others and looking to answer your questions. Joomla has also provided extensive documentation. BuyHTTP has a large collection of flash and text tutorials to cover many topics. There are also a number of companies who specialize in Joomla training. Lastly, Joomla has their own YouTube channel with a number of videos.

Is there a limit on the number of trial sites I can launch?

Nope. You can launch as many demo sites as you'd like. After you've launched your first one please go to the account manager to launch additional demo sites.

What happens after 30 days?

After the demo is over you have a few options. You can upgrade to paid hosting and continue to enjoy the same fast Joomla hosting and get faster access to our support team. You can download a backup of your site. Or you can just let the site expire. If you're not going to continue to paid hosting you don't need to do anything, the site is terminated automatically.

What kind of support is available during the trial period?

During the free trial you'll have access to our support ticket system, but your tickets receive a lower priority. We still answer them as quickly as we can, but one of the benefits of upgrading is priority support access.

How much storage and bandwidth do I get for my trial?

Your trial comes with 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth.

How do I get more storage and bandwidth?

If you upgrade to any paid plan you get more storage and bandwidth.

Do I get to use email during the demo period?

No. To prevent abuse all demo accounts have email disabled. As soon as you upgrade to a paid account you will be able to setup and use email accounts.

How much does paid hosting cost?

There are several options for paid accounts, but the most popular plans start at $5/month. You can view our most popular plans on the website.

Do I get FTP or control panel access during the trial period?

No. During the trial period you only get a Joomla administrator login. After upgrading to paid hosting you get full access to cPanel, including FTP accounts, email accounts, and phpMyAdmin.